The 4th general Meeting of the 3rd Hunan New Materials Indus

DATE :Jul 20, 2021
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Ferris wheel type microwave vacuum dryer has the advantages of fast, uniform and energy-saving microwave drying, as well as the advantages of low-temperature drying under vacuum state. It can also make the materials at different positions heated evenly under the action of uniform motion in the cavity, so as to improve the efficiency of material drying. Therefore, it can be widely used in industrial production where microwave, vacuum and continuous drying are needed. Ferris wheel type microwave vacuum drying equipment is mainly used for the drying of powder, granular, flake and strip materials in medicine, chemical industry and food industry, especially for the drying of paste materials (such as extract). Among them, due to the special physical properties of paste materials such as viscosity and heat sensitivity, it has always been a technical problem in the field of drying. If continuous feeding and discharging vacuum drying equipment is adopted, the drying time is long and uneven due to the slow conduction heating speed in vacuum state; if Ferris wheel type microwave vacuum drying equipment is adopted, its biggest advantage is that the drying materials are in uniform motion state, and the microwave energy received by materials at different positions is uniform, which ensures the drying quality of materials; another example is to select other equipment For the similar dryer equipment, there are some imperfections such as large volume of heating device and slow drying speed. In a word, the ferris wheel microwave vacuum dryer developed and designed by Xutong company overcomes the imperfections of many drying equipment, and has achieved very satisfactory results for the extract materials which are extremely difficult to dry. Ferris wheel microwave vacuum dryer uses the principle of microwave drying, the structure adopts Ferris wheel structure, 360 degree rotation drying, high efficiency! Greatly shorten the drying time for enterprises, so as to make enterprises more competitive in the market!