Certificate of Utility Model Patent of HfB2 powder Synthesis

DATE :Dec 22, 2023
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we obtained the Certificate of Utility Model Patent of HfB2 powder Synthesis.

Hafnium diboride (HfB2) is a new type of ceramic material with high melting point, high thermal conductivity, oxidation resistance and other high-temperature
comprehensive properties. It is mainly used in ultra-high temperature ceramics, high-speed aircraft nose cones, aviation, aerospace and other fields. Hafnium
diboride (HfB2) is mainly used as a modifier for carbon-carbon and carbon-ceramic composite functional materials: Hafnium diboride (HfB2) modified carbon
fiber can greatly improve the strength of carbon fiber, increase fatigue resistance and wear resistance And high temperature resistance, the modification effect
is very obvious, and all indexes are greatly improved.