Chinese Thermal Spraying Conference 2021 &Annual Conference of the Journal of Thermal Spray Technology

DATE :Oct 14, 2021
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Chinese Thermal Spraying Conference 2021 & Annual Conference of the Journal of Thermal Spary Technology was held at Changsha Hunan on 11 to 13 October 2021.
This meeting focused on some new materials, new equipment, new processes and new applications involved in China thermal spraying technology. At the same time, it also discussed related adjacent additive manufacturing technologies, green surface treatment technologies that replace hard chrome plating, and surface treatment technologies, Strengthen the use of laser technology for academic exchanges; the conference host and co-organizers jointly invited academicians and experts from domestic to give academic exchange reports. This conference provided domestic  thermal spray industry colleagues with opportunities for exchanges and discussions on thermal spray production, learning, research, application, and business, and promoted the extensive application of thermal spray technology in aerospace, aviation, electric power, machinery and other industries. 
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