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Nano tungsten powder (Nano W)

Tungsten powder (Nano-W), with the melting point 3400℃, and the boiling point 5555°, is the hardest metal material.
Molecular weight:183.84
Melting point:3400℃
Boiling point:5555℃
CAS NO.:7440-33-7
EINECS (EC NO.):231-143-9
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Nano tungsten powder
Product features
Nano-Tungsten powder (Nano-W) has the characteristics of high purity (99.95%), small particle size (50nm), good sphericity (>95%), large specific surface area, and high surface activity.
Technical Specification
Model Color Crystal type Purity
APS specific surface area Shape Sphericity
Nano-W-001 Black Cubic ≥99.9% 50-100nm 14 m2/g Spherical >95%
Nano-W-002 Black Cubic ≥99.9% 100-200nm 9.5 m2/g Spherical >95%
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