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Special powder for thermal spraying: coarse-grained hafnium diboride

DATE :2021-07-20
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Thermal spray is a surface modification technique where solid, semimolten, or molten feedstock powders from metals to ceramics are propelled towards and deposited onto the target surface to form the coating. 
There are many methods of thermal spraying, such as plasma spraying, arc spraying, flame spraying and explosive spraying. 
Our company focus on producing D50 10-60um (<20um, ≯5%; >40um, ≯5%) and -100 mesh +325 mesh coarse hafnium carbide HfC, coarse zirconium carbide ZrC, coarse hafnium diboride HfB2, coarse zirconium diboron ZrB2  and other special powders for spraying.They have the characteristics of high purity, concentrated particle size distribution, good fluidity, spherical or nearly spherical powder appearance, and are mainly used in aerospace thermal barrier coatings and thermal protection fields.
Application example: The inner wall of the nozzle extension of a certain type of rocket engine is eroded by a high temperature flame flow above 1500℃ during operation for tens of seconds to hundreds of seconds, while after the application of HfB2 as plasma spraying thermal barrier coating for protection, tests have proved that HfB2 coating can effectively reduce the ablation rate of the inner wall of the nozzle.
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