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Nano Tantalum carbide(Nano TaC)

Nano-Tantalum carbide (Nano-TaC) is mainly used in powder metallurgy, cutting tools, fine ceramics, chemical vapor deposition, hard wear-resistant alloy tools, tools, molds, and wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant structural components to improve the toughness of the alloy.
Molecular weight:192.96
Density:14.3 g/cm³
Melting point:3880 °C
Boiling point:5470 °C
CAS NO.:12070-06-3
EINECS (EC NO.):235-118-3
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Nano Tantalum carbide
Product description
Nano-Tantalum carbide powder(nano-TaC powder)can obviously improve the properties of the alloy,and it can be used in powder metallurgy, cutting tools, fine ceramics, chemical vapor deposition, hard wear resistant alloy additives, improve the toughness of alloy.Hunan Huawei provides high-quality Nano-Tantalum carbide powder at competitive prices.
SEM nano TaC
Precautions:This product should be stored in a cool, dry room to avoid heavy pressure. It should not be exposed to the air during use, so as to avoid moisture absorption and agglomeration, which will affect the dispersion performance and use effect. Unused products should be sealed or stored in a vacuum after unpacking.
Product features
Nano-Tantalum carbide (Nano-TaC) has the characteristics of high purity (no impurity phase detected by XRD), small particle size (50nm), large specific surface area, and high surface activity.
Technical Specification
Model Color Crystal type Purity
APS specific surface area Bulk density
Nano-TaC-001 Brown-black Cube ≥99% 50-100nm 12 m2/g 3.5 g/cm3
Nano-TaC-002 Brown-black Cube ≥99% 100-300nm 10 m2/g 5.3 g/cm3
Nano Antimony(III) oxide(Nano Sb2O3)
Nano Antimony(III) oxide(Nano Sb2O3)
Molecular weight: 291.52
Density:5.2 g/cm³
Nano titanium dioxide(nano-TiO2)
Nano titanium dioxide(Nano-TiO2)
Molecular weight:79.866
Density:4.23 g/cm³
Nano zirconium dioxide(Nano-ZrO2)
Nano zirconium dioxide(Nano-ZrO2)
Molecular weight:123.218
Density:5.68 g/cm³
Nano-titanium nitride (Nano-TiN)
Nano-titanium nitride (Nano-TiN)
Molecular weight:61.874
Density:5.4 g/cm³
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