Our company participated in the 24th International Thermal Spraying Seminar

DATE :Oct 29, 2021
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The 24th International Thermal Spraying Seminar (ITSS'2021) and the 25th China National Thermal Spraying Annual Conference (CNTSC'2021), hosted by the Thermal Spraying Branch of the China Surface Engineering Association, was Successfully held in Shanghai on October 27th 2021. The theme of this conference is "Adjust strategy, actively innovate, seize opportunities, and temper the platform". Famous domestic and foreign thermal spraying experts and 251 representatives from domestic and foreign universities, research institutions, and thermal spraying companies attended the conference. As a member of Thermal Spraying Branch of China Surface Engineering Association, our company was invited to participate in this meeting.
The conference made more than 20 special reports, introduced the latest developments and products of domestic and foreign thermal spraying technology, and discussed the market and application trends of thermal spraying industry under the changing global economic structure. Professor Huang Xiaoou, the principle chairman of the China Surface Engineering Association and the honorary chairman of the thermal spraying professional committee, pointed out when discussing the trends for thermal spraying at the meeting: "Material is  the cornerstone of human progress. Similarly, material (powder, wire, etc.) is also the soul of thermal spraying technology, and coating is the ultimate expression of materials, equipment, and craftsmanship."
The thermal spraying powders produced by our company, including hafnium carbide, zirconium carbide, zirconium nitride, hafnium nitride, etc., have high purity, XRD detection without impurity phases, concentrated particle size distribution, good fluidity, and no pipe blockage. 
24th International Thermal Spraying Seminar
24th International Thermal Spraying Seminar1
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