Lanthanum hexaboride properties and application

DATE :Mar 09, 2022
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The crystal structure of lanthanum hexaboride is CsCl structure, which belongs to the simple cubic crystal system and is a rare earth boride with the molecular formula LaB6. black or cyan etc. LaB6 has many superior properties, such as electron emission intensity, radiation resistance, high temperature chemical stability and other properties, which makes it widely used in the military field and many high-tech fields, such as radar, aerospace, electronics industry, instrumentation , medical equipment, home appliances, metallurgy and other industries. When making high-power electron tubes, magnetrons, electron beams, ion beams, accelerator cathodes and other devices, single crystal lanthanum boride is the material of choice.
Application field
1 It has a wide range of uses and has been successfully used in more than 20 military and high-tech fields such as radar aerospace, electronic industry, instrumentation, medical equipment, home appliances, metallurgy, and environmental protection. In particular, lanthanum hexaboride single crystal is the best material for making high-power electron tubes, magnetrons, electron beams, ion beams, and accelerator cathodes;
2 nanometer lanthanum boride is a coating applied to the surface of polyethylene film to isolate the infrared rays of sunlight. Nanoscale lanthanum boride absorbs infrared light without absorbing too much visible light. According to recent research, the resonance peak of nano-scale lanthanum boride can reach 1um nanometer, and the absorption wavelength is between 750 and 1300;
3 nanometer lanthanum boride is the best material for nano coating of window glass. Coatings designed for hot climates allow visible light to pass through the glass but block infrared rays from entering. And in colder climates, the nanocoating can make more efficient use of light and heat by preventing it from being radiated back outside.