application of nano TiN powder

DATE :Jun 07, 2022
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Application of TiN powder :
in high thermal emissivity coating: The coating material developed by the branch is a coating prepared by plasma spraying technology. It is found that the thermal emissivity performance is greatly improved. This product is mainly used in high temperature furnace energy saving, military industry and other aspects. With high surface activity, the grains can be merged at a faster rate, and the application of grains and cemented carbides in increasing the grain size at the same time:
The driving force of grain merging is reduced, thereby increasing the formation of grains, greatly increasing the number of grains, and achieving the effect of grain refinement. In the alloy, including nano powder dispersion technology and process gold, a whisker structure is formed, which further improves the hardness and toughness of the alloy. Using powder metallurgy principles and methods: adding nano-TiN can refine metal grains. A whisker structure is formed in the alloy, which significantly improves the hardness and toughness of the alloy.
\Applications in other fields: in nano-composite hard tools, high-temperature ceramic conductive materials, heat-resistant and wear-resistant materials, dispersion-strengthened materials, etc. Nano titanium nitride should be used in PET material
Performance characteristics of nano titanium nitride powder   
The nano titanium nitride powder produced by the plasma arc gas phase method has high purity, good dispersibility, small particle size, large specific surface area and high surface activity. The absorption rate of nano titanium nitride powder to ultraviolet, visible light and infrared is 80%. above. Nano titanium nitride powder has stable chemical properties, high melting point, anti-oxidation, high strength, high hardness and good thermal conductivity.