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New thermal insulation and temperature control textile additive: zirconium carbide

DATE :2021-07-20
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Zirconium carbide has the characteristics of efficiently absorbing visible light and reflecting infrared. When it absorbs 95% of the sunlight in the short-wavelength energy below 2μm, the energy can be stored in the material through thermal conversion, and it also has the ability to reflect more than 2μm infrared wavelength. The wavelength of infrared rays produced by the human body is about 10μm. When people wear ZrC-containing textile clothes, the infrared rays of the human body will not easily radiate outward. When the content of zirconium carbide reaches two ten-thousandths (weight), the near-infrared absorption performance of the fiber is the best, and the near-infrared absorption effect of adding zirconium carbide to the fiber sheath is better than that of adding it to the core layer. This shows that zirconium carbide has ideal heat absorption and heat storage characteristics, and the product can be used in the field of new thermal insulation and temperature regulation textiles.
Example: **certain New Material listed company added an aqueous solution made of our company's customized zirconium carbide to the adhesive yarn, which showed the characteristics of strong adhesion, high spinning efficiency, easy molding, and not easy to block the spinneret.
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