Chemical vapor deposition of zirconium carbide coatings

DATE :Jan 19, 2022
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A new generation of high supersonic aircraft and rocket engines need to be able to ~ in 22003000 ℃ high temperature environment stable work of ultra high temperature resistant material . Refractory compounds such as ZrC. HfC,TaC,ZrB2, HfB2, the melting point are more than 3000 ℃, which are the high heat resistance  compounds. These excellent refractory compounds, thermal and chemical stability good erosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and resistance to high speed air flow (particles) that they can adapt to high supersonic flight, atmosphere again, across the atmosphere, and rocket propulsion systems and other extreme environment, can be used in the aircraft nose cone, tree wing leading edge, the hot end of the engine and other key parts or components. Compared with Hf and Ta difficult flipping compounds, ZrC low density makes it become one of the most potential applications of ultra high temperature materials. 
The thermodynamics and kinetics of CVD - ZrC coating has been widely deep research in foreign countries. The research in this aspect in China started late, but has made big progress in recent years. Overall, CVD - ZrC coating has widely industrial application and there are lots of work to do with the related research.
(1) preparation of CVD - ZrC coating, fault source is stable, accurate and long supply remains a thorny problem. In order to simplify equipment, convenient operation, shorten the cycle, reduce cost, the lead source import need further research.
(2) whether in theory or practice, deposition mechanism of CVD - ZrC has important significance, to improve the controllability and stability of CVD - ZrC process, deposition mechanism research needs to be strengthened.
(3) At present, there isn't a single material with ultra high temperature mechanics, thermal ablation performance, structure, and antioxidants. ZC will also need to composite with other materials to meet the demand of the service environment. Material of composite can focus of various materials, the advantages of can also cause many problems such as thermal mismatch. Therefore the need for material optimization design and high temperature behavior research, at the same time should be according to the service environment and reasonable choice of composite system.