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Nano Tin dioxide(Nano SnO2)

Nano-SnO2 is white or light yellow powder. With a melting point of 1630°C and a boiling point of 1800°C, SnO2 has good permeability to visible light, excellent chemical stability in aqueous solutions, and has specific conductivity and can reflect infrared radiation.
Molecular weight:150.71
Density:6.95 g/cm³
Melting point:1630 °C
Boiling point:1800–1900 ºC
CAS NO.:18282-10-5
EINECS (EC NO.):242-159-0
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Nano Tin dioxide(Nano SnO2)
Product description
Nano Tin dioxide is widely used in lithium batteries and solar energy batteries, liquid crystal displays, optoelectronic devices, transparent conductive electrodes, anti-infrared detection, and other fields.
SEM of Nano-SnO2 Tin oxide
Precautions:This product should be stored in a cool and dry room to avoid heavy pressure. During use, it shall not be exposed to the air to avoid moisture absorption and agglomeration, which will affect the dispersion performance and use effect. Unpacked products shall be sealed or stored in vacuum.
Product features
Nano-Sn2O3 has the characteristics of high purity (99.99%), small particle size (30nm), large specific surface area and high surface activity.
Technical Specification
Model Color Crystal form Purity APS Specific surface area Loose density
Nano-SnO2-001 white Orthorhombic crystal ≥99.99% 30-50nm 30 m2/g 1.2 g/cm3
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Density:4.23 g/cm³
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Nano zirconium dioxide(Nano-ZrO2)
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Density:5.68 g/cm³
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