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Nano zirconium dioxide(Nano-ZrO2)

Nano-ZrO2, monoclinic crystal system at low temperature, tetragonal crystal form at high temperature, soluble in sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid, has good thermochemical stability, high temperature conductivity, acid and alkali resistance, Corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance performance.
Molecular weight:123.218
Density:5.68 g/cm³
Melting point:2715 °C
Boiling point:4300 °C
CAS NO.:1314-23-4
EINECS (EC NO.):215-227-2
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Nano zirconium dioxide(Nano-ZrO2)
Product description
Nano-ZrO2 (Nano-ZrO2) is widely used in precision structural ceramics, functional ceramics, nano-catalysts, solid fuel cell materials, functional coating materials, advanced refractory materials, optical fiber connectors, mechanical ceramic seals, high wear-resistant ceramics Balls, nozzles, spray nozzles and other industrial fields such as chemical industry, metallurgy, ceramics, petroleum, machinery, aerospace, etc.
SEM of Nano-ZrO2
Precautions:This product should be stored in a cool and dry room to avoid heavy pressure. During use, it shall not be exposed to the air to avoid moisture absorption and agglomeration, which will affect the dispersion performance and use effect. Unpacked products shall be sealed or stored in vacuum.
Product features
Nano-ZrO2 has high purity(99.95%), small particle size(10nm),large specific surface area, and high surface activity.
Technical Specification
Model Color Crystal form Purity APS Specific surface area Loose density
Nano-ZrO2-001 white Monoclinic crystal ≥99.9% 10-20nm 45 m2/g 0.5 g/cm3
Nano-ZrO2-002 white Monoclinic crystal ≥99.9% 20-50nm 30 m2/g 0.6 g/cm3
Nano Tantalum carbide
Nano Tantalum carbide(Nano TaC)
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Density:14.3 g/cm³
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Nano Zirconium diboride(Nano-ZrB2)
Molecular weight:123.218
NanoTitanium diboride
NanoTitanium diboride(Nano TiB2)
Molecular weight:62.95
Density: 4.52 g/cm3
Nano tungsten powder
Nano tungsten powder (Nano W)
Molecular weight:183.84
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